About Us

What if we say that there is nothing you can’t find at Niko Furniture?

From a coffee table to an elegant sofa for your home, and comfortable furniture for your office space, we have everything you need to furnish your office and home.

Now, a bit about ourselves!

Niko Furniture is a leading manufacturer and distributor of office and home furniture across UAE. We take great pride to cater high quality furniture that offers supreme comfortability at affordable prices. Our craftsmanship is something that goes beyond the expectation of our customers.

At Niko Furniture, you can find a wide selection of office furniture to build the perfect office space that brings comfort & productivity for your team. Our office furniture items are built with fresh and sleek designs so that your guests will be impressed from the moment they see your space. From material to design, we put immense thoughts when we design a furniture item at Niko, because we want maximum comfort for our customers, by incorporating different styles that suits each personality.

When it comes to home furniture, our designs are inspired by innovative research in home space design. Whether your style is modern, mid-century, or traditional, we have got you covered. You can try different variations of our furniture at our store, check the comfortability and curl up to see if it is the right one for you.

Our staff are there to assist you in each and every step, and we ensure all your questions and concerns are answered before you buy from us.



Great selection of office & home furniture. From classic to modern, antique to vintage, we have everything you are looking for!


Right from the material selection to designing and delivery, our furniture items take pride to be built with exceptional quality.


Customer happiness is our main priority and we treat each of our customers with huge love and respect. We want our customers to smile each time they visit our store and to return us next time when they think of buying a piece of furniture.



Our vision is to be the ultimate solution provider in the office and home furniture industry and to achieve sustainable and quality growth by making a difference in the lives of people. Our guiding light is to give our customers a seamless shopping experience in terms of quality, service, selection, and value. 


Our mission is to be the global leader in furniture manufacturing and distribution by offering innovative and supreme quality products. We aim to provide a worry-free and comfortable shopping experience for each of our customers.

We keep it as our mission to create furniture witha longer life span so that our customers can use it for extended time period. With personalized designs and outstanding customer service, we delight our customers each time they buy from us.

We give a greater priority to sustainability, and we manufacture and design by giving prime importance to people and the environment. The materials we use at Niko Furniture are carefully sourced so that it has least impact on the environment and we ensure minimal uses of resources with maximum creativity.

Our products are manufactured in a dignified workspace, and we are keen on providing a safer workspace to our artisans and employees.



From designing to delivery, focusing on quality is our guiding mission, without compromising on durability and aesthetics.


We focus on doing the right thing every time, and it is our way of dealing with our customers, employees, and suppliers that keeps them coming back to us every time.


We keep a strong sense of urgency when we deal with our customers so that they get exactly what they need within the desired time period. We take accountability of each of our actions, and we never compromise on fulfilling our responsibilities.


Each product we deliver to our customers at Niko is value-centric and we deliver the products with quality and aesthetics that are beyond the customer expectation.


We keep strong relationships with our customers by delivering happiness and quality products that suit their style and preferences.